Regular maintenance and repairs are essential for creating a safe and durable roof structure. The roof is one of the most important parts of your home as it keeps you and your family comfortable throughout the year and all of the seasons. So, if you’ve noticed a minor issue with your roof, don’t wait for it to get worse, get help as soon as possible. And because prevention is always better than cure, let’s have a look through the seasons and find out what is the best time of the year to replace your roof and carry out any needed, important roof repairs.

Spring & Summer

Although sometimes the summer and spring seasons may bring quite a lot of rain you will find that the weather is overall much better at this time of the year. And when it comes to roofing, weather is definitely one of the most important aspects to consider when starting this project. In terms of cost, spring and early summer are definitely the right choice to have your roof replaced. Late into the summer the temperatures as well as humidity may rise and you will see that several days could be added to a roof replacement project due to the limited amount of time that the roofers are able to spend on the roof.


Autumn, is the ideal season to get the work done, quickly and efficiently without much hassle from the weather. The temperature is quite perfect for roofers to be spending even a full working day without having to worry about the heat, freezing or even exhaustion. Not too hot, not too cold, autumn is just the perfect season for any type of roof replacement that will be ready just in time for winter when you don’t have to worry about whether your roof is going to make it through the cold and humid days this season brings.


Speaking of winter, snow, ice and sleet make it quite difficult if not impossible to have any type of roofing work done in this season, not to mention about a complete roof replacement. There are risks when it comes to the setting of the roof tiles or the adherence of the sealants. That’s why, most of the roofers will recommend waiting for the weather to warm up before you have some roof work done., unless you are in an urgent situation.

In conclusion, have your roof checked regularly for any faults and tackle those as soon as possible without putting off your roof replacement. And whilst it’s a significant expense, having your roof replaced is also a very good return on investment as it ads value to your property, it helps prevent further damage and most importantly provides you with peace of mind.

Therefore, don’t wait until it is an emergency to have your roof replaced, call our specialists at Warrington Roofing today and we’ll be happy to inspect your roof and provide you with a free estimate for your roof replacement.