Your roof has a very important job as it is the first line of defence for your home when it comes to serious weather conditions. Be it snow, ice or water, any weakness in your roof’s system can cause serious damage, that’s why it is always important to know how and when to inspect your roof.

Because prevention is always better than cure, here’s how you should start inspecting your roof:

Safety first…

  • If you’re not comfortable climbing on your roof, use binoculars.
  • First, check the roof from the attic to spot any potential damage before walking on the roof.
  • Check for overhead electrical lines prior to carrying your ladder to the roof’s access point.
  • Don’t walk on tile or wet roof shingles.

Start with the inside

It is important to start with the inside and discover any potential damage or cracks in the roof. If light gets through your roof, so can water, that’s why it’s essential to discover any potential cracks and carry out immediate repairs. You need to make sure that your roof system is as sealed as it can be.

Another step to carry out is to check your room’s ceilings for any signs of water stains, warping or cracking. If you find this, then the water is definitely coming from somewhere. In this case, the water is not necessarily located above the faulty area, it can run from quite a distance prior to starting to seep into your house’s ceiling.

Continue with the outside

Carry out a visual inspection of the outside of your roof and check whether anything is out of place, missing or damaged. Perform a similar check around your chimney as well to ensure that the sealed and all flashing areas as in good working condition.

When it’s the best time to carry out your roof inspection?

You should inspect your roof after any severe storm, an unusually windy day and at least once a year, in spring or fall, when the roof is easier to evaluate, and carry out any necessary maintenance repairs. If you’ve spotted any damage it is always recommended to use a qualified, professional roofer that will perform the repairs thoroughly and correctly. Avoid do-it-yourself projects or hiring the wrong person, as in this situation, the issue that your found may persist and create further damage to your roof system.

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