Complete the look of your property and keep it dry with a high quality roofline! 

Most house roofs are often fitted with timber fascia boards applied onto the rafters edges and hidden from the view. The area covered by soffits is located between the edge of the roofline and the wall. Fascia and soffits are extremely important for the structure of a property, and although not many owners are aware, these roofline products help you avoid frequent problems with your roof, tiles, guttering or roof void.

How do you know that your fascia and soffits need replacement?

There are a number of factors that show when it’s time for new fascia and soffits, such as:

  • Worn, cracked painting.
  • Soft patches in the wood or even rot and holes.
  • Signs of animals and rodents: mice, rats or squirrels can be a sign that your roofline is deteriorating.
  • Water in the roof void and condensation.
  • Lack of ventilation.
  • Signs of asbestos used in current fascias and soffits.

When do you need to replace your fascia and soffits?

The frequency of maintenance, repairs and replacement varies according to the condition of your existing roofline as well as the materials that the fascia and soffits are made from.

If you’ve recently bought a property and the roofline contains asbestos, you definitely have to get this checked by a professional company to ensure a successful removal.

If you’ve noticed holes and cracks in the fascia and soffits boards or signs of rodents, you need to take action as soon as possible to avoid any further damage.

What’s the best option to replace your fascia and soffits?

Many properties across the UK have fascia and soffit boards made of wood and they do require regular maintenance to make them look appealing and at the same time ensure that they do their job of keeping water out of your home. So if you’ve decided that your fascia and soffits need replacing, choose UPVC – a very popular and efficient choice which doesn’t require painting or maintenance.

When it comes to upgrading your fascia and soffits, your have two options and you can either replace them completely or cladd the current boards in something else. Cladding is a cheaper, short term solution, however, full replacement is recommendable if you’re looking for a long term option.

Not a good idea to do-it-yourself

So, if you think that your home’s fascia and soffit boards need replacing, Warrington Roofing is here to help! We’re professional and experienced roofers with over 40 years’ trade experience and we offer a dependable service carried out at the highest standard. Give us a call today 01925 417 597, 07436 269 939 or send us an email at [email protected] and we will be happy to discuss your concerns and schedule a property visit if required.