How to deal with a leaking roof?

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We’ve all been there. One day you’re quietly sitting at home and suddenly notice a patch of damp or water pouring in through the ceiling while it’s raining. Disaster! A leaking roof isn’t just an annoyance, though, it’s also a health hazard and could dramatically undermine the value of your property. The reason for

How to select the best roofer for your needs?

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After a damaging storm or a hard winter you’re often faced with the challenge of looking to fix or replace your roof and probably one of the biggest obstacles is selecting the right roofing contractor to do the job. Although you have to get back to normal in a timely manner, you shouldn’t choose

What is the best time of the year to replace my roof?

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Regular maintenance and repairs are essential for creating a safe and durable roof structure. The roof is one of the most important parts of your home as it keeps you and your family comfortable throughout the year and all of the seasons. So, if you’ve noticed a minor issue with your roof, don’t wait

7 signs you may need a roof replacement

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If you’re familiar with a cosy, warm and leak-free home, then you understand how important is to have a good, quality roof above your head. The secret to that is to regularly check, notice and identify any potential roof damages that could create problems on the long run. Therefore, here’s when is the best

How often to replace fascia and soffits?

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Complete the look of your property and keep it dry with a high quality roofline!  Most house roofs are often fitted with timber fascia boards applied onto the rafters edges and hidden from the view. The area covered by soffits is located between the edge of the roofline and the wall. Fascia and soffits