We’ve all been there. One day you’re quietly sitting at home and suddenly notice a patch of damp or water pouring in through the ceiling while it’s raining. Disaster!

A leaking roof isn’t just an annoyance, though, it’s also a health hazard and could dramatically undermine the value of your property. The reason for this is twofold: first, a leaky roof can weaken masonry and lead to all kinds of problems with the walls, insulation, and foundations. Once water gets into your building materials, it’s challenging to get it out.

Second, a leaky roof can lead to the buildup of mould. Black mould releases harmful spores into the air in your home, causing allergies and other respiratory conditions. It’s best avoided at all costs.

Finally, there’s a third-reason to repair your roof the moment that you notice a problem – you could experience catastrophic damage in the event of a storm. Wind and rain have an uncanny ability to exploit weaknesses in your roof, leaving it vulnerable to inclement weather in the future if you don’t fix problems today.

Here, we’re going to take a look at how you should deal with a leaking roof? This is what to do.

Contact Roof Specialists

If you suspect a leak, the first thing to do is to contact a roofer. A roofing contractor has the tools, skills and equipment to safely repair a roof and stop it from leaking again in the future.

When they arrive at your property, they will first look for the source of the leak. Sometimes it can be something as innocuous as a chipped tile or an open chimney vent. However, it can be more serious.

The next stage is to see where the water is pooling and check for any damage. Hopefully, the leak is relatively recent. If it is, then it is less likely to have infiltrated the surrounding materials and caused damage. If it’s more long term, then roofing services can offer cleanup and also advice for how to sort out any remaining damp issues once they eliminate the leak.

Important Note

If you notice dripping anywhere in your home, including in your loft, place a bucket underneath it to collect all of the incoming water until the roofing specialists arrive. Catching the water will prevent any additional damage being done to your home.

Wait For The Pros To Fix Your Roof

While some professionals recommend attempting to fix roofing yourself, this can be dangerous, even if you have flat roofing. It’s always best to contact a professional and then let them fix your roof using the correct equipment and safety procedures. A roofing specialist can often eliminate the leak in short order, protecting the rest of your home from further damage.

Do you have a leak in your home? Would you like it fixed immediately?

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